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The-Sheraton-Grand-Sac-CaliWonder Metals is Your Leading Source for Air Movement and Control Equipment of the Highest Caliber.

Manufacturing both standard and customized louver products in a wide range of shapes and sizes allows us to fit the ventilation requirements of any structure. Our louvers offer superior performance and improve the indoor air quality of any building they are applied to. Select from extruded or formed louvers (stationary or operable) in traditional metals like aluminum and galvanized steel, or try one of our tailor-made products in copper, brass or galvalume. No job is too big or design too creative for our team of experienced louver professionals, as we strive to not only give our clients the air movement necessary to create comfortable conditions within a structure, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building. Let us help you find a louver model and finish option that will perfectly match your next project.

When the demand for better airflow in a building arises, it’s common and practical to turn to the installation of louvers to amend poor ventilation. Louvers provide an environmentally conscious way of regulating temperatures throughout a structure. When louvers are applied they naturally and efficiently control interior climates, reducing the need for constant use of heating and cooling systems. Keep in mind that while indoor air quality is being boosted, louvers are also working to keep out dirt, debris, insects, birds and stormy weather. Louvers are a functional construction element that also contributes to reducing the amount of noise that normally filters into a building and adds to the architectural design of a structure.

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