Wonder Metals is now WMC Architectural!

WMC Architectural has been specializing in the fabrication of Louvers, Dampers and Penthouses since 1956. We also supply Brick/Masonry Vents. By narrowing our focus, our team of skilled professionals have streamlined our operation, creating efficiency that starts with your first contact and continues through production and delivery. We invite you to tour our website and review our complete line of louvers, louvered penthouses, backdraft dampers and volume dampers. All of these products are backed up by a technically trained customer support staff. More About WMC Architectural

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Our full line of ready and custom-made louvers ensures that all your air control needs will be taken care of while also offering an aesthetic appeal.
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Extruded Aluminum

Formed Metal

Door Louvers


From low pressure to heavy duty applications, we manufacture dampers to meet the demands of virtually any job presented to us.
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Louvered Penthouses

Barometric Dampers

Stationary Louvers


Our high performance louvered penthouses are the perfect addition to any rooftop, stylishly prefabricated in a box corner or miter design to fit your requirements.
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Acoustical Louvers

Control Dampers

Brick Vents

Your Louver, Damper & Penthouse Headquarters Proudly Made In the USA –WMC Architectural