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Dampers allow for climate control and energy efficiency by guiding the flow of warm and cool air throughout a building. When installed and adjusted in the air ducts, chimney or other air handling equipment of a structure, dampers can balance the air flow for each individual room. Models are designed in an assortment of shapes and sizes and made out of varying materials based on the customer’s requirements.

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Wonder Metals manufactures standard and custom-made dampers that lead the industry in modern technologies, functionality and aesthetic quality. Our full collection of superior performance damper products are designed to fulfill a variety of needs. Dampers not only enhance and stabilize airflow in a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, but also improve indoor air quality and act as a fire and smoke controller when needed, making them an important part of a structure’s fire protection system.

Air_damperControl dampers increase energy efficiency by servicing heat or air to only specific areas at different parts of the day.

Dampers that are set up in an HVAC system can be manually or automatically operated. In a chimney flue, these valves save warm and cool air from escaping while denying access to birds, pests and inclement weather.

Regulating the temperature of a building doesn’t have to be a challenge. We are committed to finding you a solution, and once a damper is installed, we’re sure it will take care of all of your structure’s airflow demands. Contact Wonder Metals for help in selecting the kind of damper that will be the most effective for your application.

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