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From Our Clients

Wonder Metals always provides high quality products with a fast lead time and dependable service. Their materials are shipped when promised if not before.–Kerry Davis Excel West Fort Collins Colorado


Having worked with the crew at Wonder Metals for over four years, I've come to appreciate and rely on their customer service, team efforts, and quality products which are demonstrated with every phone call and/or delivery.–Sharon Kroeger Architectural Specialties, Inc. Portland, Oregon


I can honestly say that this is the most impressive level of service that I’ve ever received on a cold call to a manufacturer. (In fact it’s better than the service that we get from a lot of the vendors we see on a regular basis.) Our firm has been using Wonder Metals as the basis of design for many years, and we don’t often have need for product support, but it’s refreshing to know that great support is available if we need it.–Scott Stroshane, P.E., LEED A.P.


I appreciate the quick turnaround and all the required documentation. I can tell you are the right guy for the project but AvalonBay requires (3) bids per scope and I am waiting for two more. –Lauren L. Leese