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4″ deep no flange .125 extruded aluminum


1.5″ deep flanged frame .125 extruded aluminum construction

Brick VentsBrick vents are an optimal ventilation solution for crawl spaces, chimney flues and foundations

Standard and custom fit sizes are available to order in both EX or FL models. Ask your knowledgeable Wonder Metals contractor about finish options and other areas it can be useful to have brick vents positioned in. Easy installation makes brick vents a great accent choice for many types of walls.

The placement of brick vents is an especially popular method for creating suitable air movement in brick walls. Masonry continues to be one of the most aesthetically appealing forms of architecture today, however, without proper ventilation that charm can deteriorate over time. Though airtight brick constructions promote energy efficiency, it may also lead to the buildup of dampness and turn out to have many damaging effects (efflorescence, mold, spalling). Since bricks are a porous material, adequate moisture control is necessary to ensure that walls are able to thoroughly dry out.

Brick vents can be installed in new and existing structures that require a better means of airflow regulation. When a standard louver won’t do the job, a brick vent can prove to be an effective resolution. By aerating the walls of a building, these vents help to prevent the compromising of structural and visual integrity that can occur as a result of moisture accumulation. They also work efficiently to keep out pests that would otherwise be able to gain entry inside.

While other techniques may only offer minimal ventilation, brick vents provide a larger passageway for airflow. Call Wonder Metals today to learn more about having your structure fitted for brick vents.