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Custom ShapeAluminum Louvers Provide Flexibility for Shaping to Almost any Customer Requirement

Functional louvers are a type of ventilation system that increase the rate of airflow in a building while reducing heating and cooling costs, therefore contributing to sustainable construction. Allowing air to move in and out freely may result in unwanted elements making their way in as well, so building owners that need help with hindering the entrance of outside factors such as rain, wind, dirt, debris, insects and birds find louvers to be a viable solution. They also work to lessen the amount of noise that filters inside. However, there are times that louvers are simply added to the exterior of a structure for the sole purpose of being a design element.

Stationary aluminum louvers have immobile blades and are generally used for applications that only need a slight weather barrier while air continues to be moved in and out. Operable aluminum louvers have blades that can be opened or closed and adjusted manually or with an actuator to change the airflow and complement air movement at a designated time. Aluminum brick vent construction allows for a permanent means of ventilation built right into the walls of a structure.

Aluminum louvers provide flexibility for shaping to most any customer requirement, durability due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, little maintenance obligations, an ability to accept a variety of finishes and is 100 percent recyclable.

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