Copper Louvers

copper_louverThe Natural Beauty of Copper Louvers Will Remain for Years to Come

It’s important for any structure to have a sufficient ventilation system that promotes consistent airflow and good indoor air quality, but many of our clients are also concerned with upholding visual integrity. Fortunately, Wonder Metals is pleased to offer the aesthetic elegance of copper louvers as a solution for providing both functional and attractive properties.

As a top manufacturer of custom-made louvers, we give our clients the option to fit their application with a copper material that is eye-catching and beneficial in many ways. The metal is appealing for use in various construction projects due to its durability and longevity. Because they are frequently placed on the exterior of buildings, louvers are often exposed to the elements of harsh weather, and copper louvers have the ability to withstand more than other materials can. Any louver will add to the energy efficiency of a building, but when made from copper (a natural precious metal), its environmental friendliness increases by becoming fully recyclable.

The natural beauty of copper louvers will remain for years to come and actually get better with age as it turns from the color of a shiny new penny to develop a patina of a bluish-green hue. However, those that prefer to keep its original coloring may apply a sealant to lock it in. The best part may be that it only requires minimal maintenance to sustain the splendor of copper louvers.

Adjoining a copper louver to a structure made of stucco, brick or stone will create an alluring combination that no other material can give. Call Wonder Metals today to find out more about adding this useful and decorative feature to your building.

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