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Consider Copper Louvers for Your Next Home Improvement Project

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Consider Copper Louvers for Your Next Home Improvement Project

copper_louverLouvers are frequently installed in home and commercial construction as an effective means of permitting air to flow in and out of a structure as needed while creating a barrier against dirt, debris and water, which you typically don’t want inside. A good ventilation system is important to a building for many reasons. Not only does it make the interior of a structure cooler in the warmer months and help to insulate in the cooler ones, but it also helps to maintain the building materials that were used and reduces the potential for moisture buildup and subsequent mold growth. Louvers come in all different shapes, sizes and colors to best fit your needs and can often be custom-made if that’s what your requirements call for. They can also be designed out of various materials, but you may opt for copper louvers once you hear about the few extra benefits they offer.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Everyone loves a bright, shiny new penny. Mother Nature rewarded copper with a brilliant coloring that can attractively adorn virtually any building it is placed on. Home and business owners alike, will appreciate the raw appeal of copper louvers even as they age years down the road. It’s characteristic of copper to change color throughout the years and still maintain its beauty, but if you prefer the polished look, that’s easy enough to preserve with a sealing product.


Copper is one of the most popular choices in construction when it comes down to materials used. Its strength puts it at the top of the list for long-lasting and durable elements. Copper louvers won’t need much maintenance even as its exposed to different weather systems. Its natural luster actually acts as a shield against harsh environments to keep the underlying metal strong for a long period of time.

Environmentally Friendly

Copper is an all natural precious metal, making it fully recyclable and “green” enough for even the most serious tree hugger. Louvers already add an eco-friendly feature to buildings they are installed in because of their ability to help regulate heating and cooling temperatures inside and act as an energy saver, but copper louvers minimize the carbon footprint even more as they stay out of landfills and last so long that they keep other materials from being manufactured and used up.

Copper louvers would make a great addition to any home or office building needing an easy and effective ventilation system with a timeless look and contribution to the environmental cause.


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